Labs64 NetLicensing for GitHub Teachers

A special offer for teachers enrolled in the GitHub Teacher Toolbox.

NetLicensing for GitHub Teacher Toolbox

Labs64 NetLicensing is part of the GitHub Education Program

The GitHub Teacher Toolbox gives teachers free access to the best developer tools.

As part of the program, you get a NetLicensing Teacher (Basic) Plan for FREE.

How to get this offer?

Open your NetLicensing Profile page, connect your NetLicensing vendor account to your GitHub account with the same email ID, and get Teacher Plan upgrade for free.

Read NetLicensing Getting Started tutorial and feel free to contact us for support via our contact form or via email.

You may still have some questions, so here's our FAQ

How do I qualify for the NetLicensing offer in the GitHub Teacher Toolbox?

If you qualify for the GitHub Teacher Toolbox and use the same email ID for your NetLicensing and GitHub accounts, then you are eligible to apply for the NetLicensing offer.

Can I upgrade if I already have free NetLicensing account?

Sure, you can. Upgrade for free to the Teacher Plan by clicking the "Claim NetLicensing for Teachers offer" button in your NetLicensing Profile page. Make sure, you are using the same email ID for your NetLicensing and GitHub accounts.

My teacher account at GitHub has expired, but I am still a teacher. Can I renew?

We are happy to extend your discount as long as you continue to be an active member of the GitHub Teacher Toolbox.

I am an educator and would like to use NetLicensing in my curriculum.

Please contact our sales. We are happy to provide 50% discount for compliant educational staff and some non-profit organizations.

I've applied for the NetLicensing offer in the GitHub Teacher Toolbox. When will I hear back?

Wait time can vary depending on the volume of requests we are receiving. However, we will do our best to ensure you receive your free Teacher Plan within one week.

How do I contact NetLicensing with questions about the GitHub Teacher Toolbox?

For questions specific to this program, feel free to contact us at:

GitHub Teacher Toolbox Special Offer

We invite you to explore the Labs64 NetLicensing online license management experience.