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Membership Management Solution

Create and Experiment different pricing strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.
NetLicensing Pricing Table - Create

Stand out from the crowd by creating tailored pricing plans

Setting up your pricing table with NetLicensing is quick, easy, and flexible. Promptly setup and manage pricing plans for your products with NetLicensing’s easy-to-use and configurable UI. Create multiple pricing plans with the maximum flexibility in order to evaluate which strategy better fits your customer’s needs.

Validate Customers’ Membership Status

With NetLicensing simple RESTful API call, you can easily validate your customer’s membership into your product and service at any time. The process is quick, flexible, and it is fully made on our platform.
NetLicensing Pricing Table - Integrate
NetLicensing Pricing Table - Publish

Integrate Pricing Plan on your Website

NetLicensing Pricing Plan can be easily embedded on your website or SaaS product with just few easy and straightforward steps to follow. Our UI, being highly intuitive and visually clear to use, permits to complete the overall process in just few minutes.

Manage all your customers on just one platform

Customer Membership Management was never this easy before. With NetLicensing, you can instantly see how your plans are performing over time as well as make actions that will influence your customer’s memberships such as enabling/disabling or also extending their plan.
NetLicensing Pricing Table - Manage Customers

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