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Labs64 NetLicensing Affiliate Program

Join NetLicensing Affiliate Program and earn up to 20% lifetime recurring commissions on paying referrals.
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Fill out your information and create an affiliate account. Once you log in you’ll have access to your dashboard where you can get your custom affiliate link, and track your referrals and commissions.

Why NetLicensing Affiliate Program?

  • Rockstar license management platform
  • B2B level deals
  • 20% monthly recurring commission for a lifetime
  • Longest CLV - 4 years in average
  • Extended Cookie Life - 90 days
  • Suits requirements of both SMB & Enterprise
  • Marketing Materials
  • Special Bonus: You get 12 months of the Basic Plan (worth €576) for free for every 30 customers that you refer to our platform.

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Share NetLicensing with your audience using your custom affiliate link in order to start earning. NetLicensing helps thousands of software vendors enabling license management for their products.

Everyone can make money online as NetLicensing affiliates

  • Website Owners
  • Marketers
  • Bloggers and Content Writers
  • LinkedIners, YouTubers and Social Media Superstars
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We give you up to 20% commission for every paying customer who signs up through your affiliate link.

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Read through popular questions and answers about the affiliate program.

How much does NetLicensing's affiliate program pay in commissions?

As a NetLicensing affiliate, you'll earn up to 20% recurring commissions on all paying customers you refer to us.

Where do I find my shareable affiliate link?

As soon as you sign-in as a NetLicensing affiliate, we’ll provide you with your unique affiliate link. You can use it anywhere you’d like.

Can I refer myself on purchase?

Self-referrals strictly prohibited from the NetLicensing affiliate program. We want you to be able to provide a great system to earn commission by recommending others to the NetLicensing system and not get yourself a 20% discount.

How do you track conversions?

Conversions are tracked through your affiliate link provided by our affiliate tracking software.

How much can I earn from your Affiliate Program?

There is no capping on how much you can earn from NetLicensing Affiliate Program. As long as we are getting paid customers from your link, you’ll keep earning from us.

I am interested in your Affiliate Program but have more questions whom should I reach out?

You can either send us a message using our chat support or write us at We’ll get back to you in no time.

How long do cookies last for?

We use Cookies to track your referrals. The cookies last for 90 days after someone clicks on your link. If they click again, the 90 days starts again.

When and how do I get paid?

We send payment via PayPal each month after verification and your balance exceeds 100 EUR. Before the first transfer, we’ll give you a heads up by email and ask for your PayPal email.

Download our Affiliates Media Kit

In this kit, we have NetLicensing visuals and logos to use on your site, social media or even run an ad to get your visitors signing up.