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NetLicensing makes setup and integration fast, safe and very simple.
So you can get up and running in a few minutes.
Configure product
Elaborate the licensing scheme for your product and create your individual product configuration with one or more product modules. Each module is licensed according to its licensing model.
Not sure how to configure your product? - Start over by using one of the predefined 'Demo Data' configurations.
Validate licensee
NetLicensing uses a Customer-centric license management approach. In comparison to the License-centric (legacy) systems, all customer’s licenses are kept in one place, so you don’t need to deliver license files separately. Instead, using the same unique 'Licensee Number' you can retrieve / validate all product features the customer is entitled for.
At minimum you need a call to the validate method of the licensee services.
  • Send first validation request (replace %LICENSEE_NUMBER%)
  • Alternatively you can use an online API Test Center, which provides easy access to all NetLicensing RESTful services
Validate Request:
Accept: application/xml
Validate Response:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<netlicensing xmlns:ds="" xmlns="" ttl="2020-08-09T06:41:15.854Z">
        <item type="ProductModuleValidation">
            <property name="productModuleNumber">MNLIC-DEMO</property>
            <property name="valid">true</property>
            <property name="licensingModel">TryAndBuy</property>
            <property name="productModuleName">Module licensed under Try &amp; Buy LM</property>
            <property name="evaluationExpires">2020-09-07T06:38:16.809Z</property>
            <property name="evaluation">true</property>
Use NetLicensing client libraries as a foundation for integrating NetLicensing in your code.
Acquire Licenses
Automate licenses acquisition by using your established e-commerce solutions or an optional NetLicensing integrated shop, which provides a seamless online purchase experience, aligned with the deployed licensing models.
While using NetLicensing Shop you need to create Shop Token and provide 'shopURL' in the UI of your product or forward the user to NetLicensing Shop URL by other means.

Create Token Request:
Accept: application/xml

Create Token Response:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ns2:netlicensing xmlns="" xmlns:ns2="">
        <ns2:item type="Token">
            <ns2:property name="number">976bde51-0014-4e2a-b97e-08ede6604054</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="active">true</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="expirationTime">2020-04-20T21:51:05.293Z</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="tokenType">SHOP</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="shopURL"></ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="cancelURL"></ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="successURL"></ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="successURLTitle">Return to</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="cancelURLTitle">Cancel and return to</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="licenseeNumber">CUST-API-KEY-SIGN-01</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="vendorNumber">VDEMO</ns2:property>

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