Client Libraries and Sample Code

The projects listed below are open source projects. Releases for these projects will be listed on the corresponding project’s download area. Feel free to use the project’s issue tracker to log bugs or feature requests, and the project’s wiki to share your tips and tricks.

Contributions to these projects are welcome: if you are interested in contributing, don’t hesitate to contact us:

Use the following client libraries and examples as a foundation for integrating NetLicensing in your code. It will help you to understand how to perform the validation, build the infrastructure to manage and track licenses, perform various vendor administrative tasks, etc. using the NetLicensing API. Choose any sample code below that is appropriate for your environment.









  • cURL code snippets - please refer to the “Try it now” sections at NetLicensing API (RESTful) endpoints description


NetLicensing can be easily integrated with common e-Commerce, billing and subscription management platforms, such as:

Please refer to the typical integration scenario, which is showing how NetLicensing extending standard e-commerce flow (using digital fulfilment) by enabling license management for the digital products and services.

Depending on your business processes and distribution channels there might be many different integration options. Please contact us via and we’ll be happy to assist you defining best-fit integration scenario.

Online test application