In the context of data communication with NetLicensing, e.g. via RESTful NetLicensing API, the client is the program sending requests to NetLicensing and receiving answers from NetLicensing.


Instance of an object within NetLicensing Object Model


Labs64 innovative license management solution

NetLicensing Management Console

Web-based user interface of NetLicensing, accessible by vendor.

NetLicensing Shop

Web Frontend (eCommerce) of NetLicensing for end users, used to shop for new licenses.

NetLicensing API

Network API of NetLicensing.

Licensing Model

Set of algorithms, rules and constraints applied to the licenses and license templates that define interconnection between licenses and possible states of the product or product module.


Holder of licenses. This can be an individual or organisation, but not necessarily the end-user.

License Template

License Template is a configuration element, that doesn't belong to and Licensee, but acts as a license prototype.


License is the object of purchase, owned by a Licensee, and influences the resulting state of the product (validation result). Licenses are created based on License Templates.

Business Number,
Entity Number,
External Number,
Identification Number

Arbitrary sequence of printable ASCII characters that uniquely identify an object within NetLicensing. E.g. Licensee number can be something like 'CUST-0015'


Generalized term, meaning any product or service that is integrated with NetLicensing and is subject of licensing to licensees.

Product Module

In terms of NetLicensing, every product consists of one or more product modules that are licensed independently of each other. This ensures high degree of NetLicensing customizability.

Payment Service Provider

Service used by NetLicensing for collecting payments from end customers, such as PayPal.


Unique identifier randomly generated on demand, that is valid for a limited period of time and/or for limited number of uses (e.g. one-time use) after generation. Used for secure access to NetLicensing resources via unique non-predictable URLs.


Any particular action within NetLicensing that cause change in licenses (adding, removing, modification) is a transaction and is accompanied by the corresponding transaction record.


Specific request to NetLicensing via NetLicensing API, typically made by a product, to obtain the current licensing state of a specific licensee.


Vendor uses NetLicensing by integrating it to his product or service. This is You, NetLicensing customer.