Preparing to work with smart card

This document assumes you’re familiar with the Labs64 NetLicensing service. If you need more info about NetLicensing, please visit

General information

Before using NetLicensing Agent with any of the functions requiring smart card, you must prepare the PC to recognize the smart card.

Preparation depends on the operating system:

OS Smart card support
Windows 7 SP1 and above Supported, no extra steps requires
macOS High Sierra (10.13) and above Supported, no extra steps requires
Linux-based OS Supported, requires installation of additional components, follow instructions below


Linux-based OS

To work with smart card on Linux the following packages are required:


Name Description

PC/SC (short for "Personal Computer/Smart Card") daemon


Middleware to access a smart card using PC/SC 

libccid (>= 1.3.11) PC/SC driver for the USB smart card readers compliant to the CCID protocol

To install the required packages use the following commands:

  • For Linux distributions using Debian package management with APT toolset (Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, etc.)

    $ sudo apt-get install libccid pcscd libpcsclite1
  • For Linux distributions using RPM Package Manager with YUM toolset (RedHat, CentOS, Fedora, etc.)

    $ sudo yum install ccid pcsc-lite-devel

Known issues

Issue Cause Solution

NetLicensing Agent gives the following error:

Could not find a reader with a card.
PC/SC daemon is not running


$ sudo service pcscd start