NetLicensing Overview

Innovative Licensing Solution

Labs64 NetLicensing is a first-class solution in the Licensing as a Service (LaaS) sector.

Based on open standards, it provides a cost effective, integrated and scalable platform for software vendors and developers who want to concentrate on their product’s core functionality instead of spending resources on developing an own license management software.
NetLicensing allows vendors and developers to enable license management for their new or existing products right away and with minimum effort.

An Ecosystem of Licensing Models

With NetLicensing you have a choice of ready-to-use licensing models or customized licensing models may be created to suit your unique business needs and goals.

Below are just a few examples of various license types that can be linked together to form a licensing model within the NetLicensing Ecosystem:

  • Evaluation licenses
  • Single-user licenses
  • Time-limited licenses
  • ‘Pay-per-use’ licenses
  • ‘Pay-per-system’ licenses

NetLicensing has an open architecture that allows easy extension with new licensing models.

How it works

As a vendor, you need just three steps to integrate NetLicensing into your product. Once the product delivered to customers, the customers purchase their licenses directly at NetLicensing Shop, without the need of further product vendor intervention. Payments for the licenses are credited directly to the account of the product vendor through the payment service built into NetLicensing Shop.

The following steps describe main integration and operation tasks:

Integration tasks:

Plan: No matter if you already have a product or plan to create a new one, NetLicensing can be added at every stage. All you need is to clearly formulate your licensing needs.

Setup: NetLicensing Management Console (NMC) is the integrated online administration center that allows you to control all licensing aspects of your products. Once you have decided on the licensing scheme, log in to NetLicensing Management Console and create desired licensing configuration. You can get back to NetLicensing Management Console at any time to alter your configuration or monitor the licenses. Besides, NetLicensing business intelligence module will consolidate your product usage information in regular reports.

Integrate: Your product needs to communicate with NetLicensing in order to get the actual licensing information. Here comes NetLicensing API into play. With just a single request to NetLicensing API your software receives the complete licensing information for the specified customer. The licensing information is already processed and conveniently formed for direct use in your product’s business logic.

Operational tasks:

Deliver your product or service to customers, assigning a unique identity to each customer. This unique identity is referred as “Licensee Number”.

Using the assigned Licensee Number, your product will query via NetLicensing API (see Integration step 3) the actual licensing state of the customer.

Your product lets customers to visit NetLicensing Shop for obtaining new licenses. Payment integrated in NetLicensing Shop takes over the complexity of multiple individual monetary transactions.

Go try it out today – for FREE! ( register at ) or simply contact us to let us know about your licensing requirements, and we’ll get back to you with a tailor made solution for your business.