How to delete licensee data

GDPR requires you to delete customers’ data on their request.

NetLicensing Management Console

Log in to the NetLicensing Management Console using your vendor account and expand the section "Operate".

You can access customer’s data such as profile details, licenses and transaction, by choosing menu item Customers.

By clicking on a single list entry and selecting "Delete" you can delete entity and all descendants (License, Transaction).

Operate - Delete Licensee

NetLicensing RESTful API

With the help of NetLicensing RESTful API, you can easily delete customer’s data.

Please refer to the documentation for the DELETE operations of the corresponding service:

Did you know?

"forceCascade" query param, forces Licensee entity deletion and all descendants (License, Transaction)


  • We recommend you to execute data deletion using two-step approach:
    1. Collect and verify all relevant (to be deleted) entities identifiers as it is described here
    2. Delete data after careful verification of to be deleted entities

Please note: deleted data cannot be restored anymore, so your customers might be not validated in your products and services!