Subscription licensing model reflects a typical subscription scenario, where the use is permitted for a certain period of calendar time and can be extended on demand. Optional free license may be configured that will be automatically provided to all new licensees for evaluation purposes. Validation shows if the use is permitted for a licensee at the time of validation, and the date when the cumulative licensed period for all purchased licenses expires.

License templates

This licensing model requires one or more license templates of type TIMEVOLUME, each specifying a licensed period of time (in days) and a purchase price for this period. By configuring multiple license templates, one can build volume discounts, e.g.:

  • 30 days for 5 EUR
  • 90 days for 13 EUR
  • 365 days for 40 EUR

Optionally one license template may be marked “automatic” with the price set to 0, that specifies the evaluation period given to each licensee by default free of charge. Evaluation period starts at the first validation by a licensee, while start date for the purchased licenses is set to the date of purchase. In case new license is purchased before the expiration date of already available licenses, the time volume of the new license extends the total time volume after expiration date, regardless of exact purchase date.

Required additional properties specific to the TIMEVOLUME license templates:

  • Integer timeVolume - specifies the licensed time period in days.


Required additional properties specific to the TIMEVOLUME licenses:

  • Integer timeVolume - specifies the licensed time period in days. Normally it is copied from the corresponding license template, but can be changed later for each license individually.
  • Timestamp startDate - specifies a date at which the validity period of the license begins.


Validation parameters:

On validation, this licensing model requires no parameters.

Validation returns values:

  • Boolean valid - true if use is allowed
  • Timestamp expires - in case valid=true, provides the cumulative expiration date for all purchased licenses.

Validation response examples:

Accept: application/xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
        <item type="ProductModuleValidation">
            <property name="productModuleNumber">Mass-DEMO</property>
            <property name="valid">true</property>
            <property name="licensingModel">Subscription</property>
            <property name="expires">2020-05-04T16:03:30.032+03:00</property>
            <property name="productModuleName">Subscription module</property>