How to add additional data to the customer profile


Is it possible to add some additional data to the Customer profile in NetLicensing, which can be used by different departements and processes?


Additional information can be added to any NetLicensing entity (including Customer/Licensee) using Custom Properties. See this FAQ on how to use this.

Additionally, you can group customer information in the NetLicensing UI by adding JSON structure to the reserved Tag (Custom Property):

    "Address": {
        "Address": "Radlkoferstr. 2",
        "City": "Munich",
        "ZIP": "81373",
        "Country": "Germany"
    "Business Info": {
        "VAT": "DE12345678",
        "CRM-ID": "1234",
        "Type": "LaaS"

JSON content will be made accessible on the Customer profile as the separate tabs.

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