NetLicensing Extension for Zoho CRM

Labs64 NetLicensing for Zoho CRM integrates your customers’ entitlements in NetLicensing with your CRM system. The extension adds a new “Customer Number” field to the Accounts module which will be used to retrieve all available licenses for a particular vendor.

Key Features

  • Use Zoho CRM as one-stop-shop to maintain customers’ licensing
  • Connect Zoho CRM account profile with NetLicensing customer
  • Get licensing details for invoices from Labs64 NetLicensing
  • Shortcut to open customer profile in NetLicensing


NetLicensing Licenses View

The Customer view at NetLicensing Management Console showing Customer profile with all associated Licenses. Having this information in Zoho CRM would connect CRM and Licence Management system and significantly improve vendors workflow.

NetLicensing API Key

The information kept in the NetLicensing can be retrieved using the RESTful API, where all the requests need to be authenticated using API Key. A new API Key can be created at “Settings - API Access” page.

Configure Zoho CRM

Created API Key need to be used in the Zoho CRM configuration for the variable “API Key”.

Zoho Account: Customer Number

Provide NetLicensing Customer Number in the corresponding Account field.

Having this field filled, the licensing data will be retrieved and shown in the “NetLicensing Licenses” list.


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  • Management Console - NetLicensing Management Console

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