We improve the NetLicensing services every day by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here’s an account of what’s recently happened. This is our #changelog.

Onboarding of new NetLicensing vendors

In UI on March 30, 2020

Welcome new NetLicensing vendors and suggest the next step to kick-off their license management.


  • added Vendor onboarding guided tour

  • added Copy Pricing Table HTML snippet button

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NetLicensing 2.5.8

In API on March 27, 2020

New simplified NetLicensing registration flow and other useful fixes & improvements.


  • updated New NetLicensing registration flow

  • updated Rename Pricing Table HTML generation endpoint to “/getHTML” to “/render”

  • fixed Deactivated model feature affects other models validation

  • fixed Validation issue if deprecated Licensee Secret feature was used previously

  • fixed Customers search delivers wrong results

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Console UI/UX improvements

In UI on March 23, 2020

Small UI/UX improvements that make a big difference in the NetLicemsing experience.


  • added Add refresh button to all lists

  • added Generate permanent shop token for Pricing Table plans

  • fixed Fix Pricing Table demo data creation

  • updated Open product details right after demo data creation

  • updated Checkboxes style changed and made more intuitive

  • added Add deactivate module toggle in the product module view

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Labs64 NetLicensing for GitHub Teacher Toolbox

In Integrations, UI on March 13, 2020

Great news for all teachers - Labs64 NetLicensing partnered with GitHub and offers NetLicensing Teacher (Basic) Plan for FREE all GitHub Teacher Toolbox users.


  • added Authorize via GitHub Teacher Toolbox program

  • added New pricing plan “Teacher (Basic)”

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Notable NetLicensing Features

In Docu on March 09, 2020

TL:DR - Bored to read newer-ending changelog? We prepared a condensed list of notable NetLicensing features, changes and fixes.


  • added Enable GuideChimp Tour “Notable Features” for NetLicensing changelog

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NetLicensing Console Maintenance Release

In UI on March 05, 2020

Maintenance release fixing annoying NetLicensing Management Console defects.


  • fixed Microsoft Edge compatibility issue

  • fixed Service error while working with modules

  • fixed Error saving Multi-Feature license model packages

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NetLicensing JavaScript Library / Node.js fix

In Client Libraries on February 18, 2020

Latest NetLicensing JavaScript Library fix allows you to integrate License Management in your Node.js powered web applications.


  • fixed Use correct header Accept application/json

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Stay up-to-date with NetLicensing platform news

In UI on February 10, 2020

Stay informed about the latest changes to NetLicensing platform directly in the management console.


  • added What’s new information panel

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Demo Data for the Licensing Models

In UI on January 17, 2020

Easily create a new product configuration that is pre-configured with the demo data for the chosen licensing model.


  • added NetLicensing licensing models demo data

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NetLicensing Changelog RSS Feed

In Docu on January 07, 2020

Track NetLicensing additions, updates and fixes on the NetLicensing changelog RSS feed using your favorite RSS reader, such as Inoreader, Feedly, Flipboard.


  • added NetLicensing changelog RSS feed for individual features

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NetLicensing 2.5.7

In API on December 27, 2019

Prevent Man-in-the-Middle attack by signing NetLicensing validation response and other minor improvements.


  • added Sign validation response

  • updated Allow login using vendor number, email and username

  • updated Improve validate performance for Floating and Pay-per-Use licensing models

  • fixed NetLicensing Shop checkout page doesn’t work for floating model

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Extended Customer Data

In UI on December 26, 2019

Improve customer profiles by adding and grouping customer information using Custom Properties in the UI.


  • added Render “customerData” as an additional customer’s tab

  • updated Use the same order of module/package columns

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Pricing Table Licensing Model

In UI on December 25, 2019

Easily maintain Pricing Table & Membership Plans for your SaaS products in the NetLicensing UI.


  • added Enable Pricing Table model (beta)

  • updated Restrict username character set

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NetLicensing 2.5.6

In API on November 26, 2019

New HTTP 409 status code added to indicate that the request could not be processed because of conflict in the multiple simultaneous updates.


  • updated New “HTTP 409” status code added

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NetLicensing Attribution upon using FREE plans

In UI on November 18, 2019

Free plan users are requested to provide NetLicensing attribution in their products.


  • added Inform vendor if Attribution Required flag set to true

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Labs64 NetLicensing for GitHub Students

In Integrations, UI on November 12, 2019

Great news for all students - Labs64 NetLicensing partnered with GitHub and offers you NetLicensing Student (Basic) Plan for FREE while you are a student.


  • added Authorize via GitHub Education program

  • added Add affiliate link to the vendor profile

  • added Filters for customers page

  • updated Show Plan “valid to” on the usage page

  • fixed Products breadcrumb on module edit page

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NetLicensing 2.5.5

In API, UI on November 03, 2019

Easily export Pricing Table configuration as HTML to use this on our website.


  • updated NetLicensing RESTful API Test Center updated with the latest API changes

  • added Endpoint for PricingTable license model allows you to retrieve pricing table configuration in HTML format

  • fixed New Node-Locked licensing model cannot be selected

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NetLicensing / Zapier Integration

In Integrations on October 15, 2019

Connect your NetLicensing vendor account with more than 1500 supported Zapier integrations right away and with almost no effort!


  • added Enable NetLicensing / Zapier Integration

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Node-Locked Licensing Model

In API, UI on September 14, 2019

Prevent sharing of the license identities and unauthorized usage of your products by binding the customer identity to the device (node) with the Node-Locked licensing model.


  • added Enable new Node-Locked licensing model

  • updated Registration - validate user profile attributes

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NetLicensing 2.5.1

In API on August 28, 2019

Maintenance release fixing wrong usage notifications.


  • fixed Wrong usage notifications

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NetLicensing 2.5.0

In API on August 11, 2019

Allow customers to use your products on multiple devices using new Node-Locked licensing model which is now supporting multiple nodes.


  • added NetLicensing Agent works with the smart card / hardware dongle now

  • added Extend Node-Locked licensing model (1:n pairing)

  • updated Deprecate “Licensee Secret” mode; a new Node-Locked licensing model replacing and extending this functionality

  • updated Update all NetLicensing client libraries

  • updated Subscription license model now supports Grace Period

  • updated NetLicensing Shop / Transaction improvements for recurring payments

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Vendor usage page

In UI on August 10, 2019

Easily verify the limits (active products, customers) and available features and licensing models within your NetLicensing vendor account.


  • added Vendor usage page

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NetLicensing C++ Client Library

In UI on April 25, 2019

Add a full set of NetLicensing services to the C++ client library.


  • updated Update C++ client library

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Here you can find a historical archive of past NetLicensing release notes.