We improve the NetLicensing services every day by releasing new features, squashing bugs, and delivering fresh documentation. Here’s an account of what’s recently happened. This is our #changelog.

NetLicensing / Auth0 Integration

In Integrations on March 22, 2021

Enable AAV Framework for your products by enriching Auth0 authentication flow and user profile with the NetLicensing validation data.


  • added Enable Auth0 Integration

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Stripe connection details renewed

In UI, Integrations on March 15, 2021

We renewed connection details and reactivated Stripe integration. There are no additional steps from vendor side required and vendors will be able to offer licenses acquisition using Stripe payment processing.


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Maintenance Release

In UI on March 05, 2021

Now you can specify the start date for the Try & Buy licences to define the start of the trial period. We also fixed annoying defect reported by some of the customers, which reset the start date for the created licenses.


  • updated Add ‘startDate’ field to Try-and-Buy evaluation license

  • fixed Customer’s license wrong ‘startDate’ shown

  • fixed Onboarding checklist is always ON

  • fixed Customers count shown as 0

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PayPal Express Checkout fix

In Shop on February 15, 2021

We fixed the PayPal Express Checkout issue in the NetLicensing Shop.


  • fixed PayPal Express Checkout functionality

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Specify API Key scope

In API, UI on February 12, 2021

Now you can specify API Key scope by providing specific customer number, so the API Key 'validation' and 'transfer' operations can be executed for this specified customer only.


  • added Extend TokenServices.create() endpoint to allow ‘licenseeNumber’ attribute for APIKEY tokens

  • added Allow optional customer definition on the API Key create form

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Old NetLicensing Console Shutdown

In UI on January 31, 2021

Last year we introduced brand new and improved NetLicensing Management Console. The feature set of this new console includes all known features from the old console, as well as improved customer-centric license management.
Today we announce the intention to shut down the old Management Console by the end of Q1/2021.
In case you bookmarked the old console URL, we advise you to replace this using new one:
Should you have any questions, please contact us at


  • updated Shutdown old NetLicensing Management Console announcement

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NetLicensing console availability

In UI on January 19, 2021

The annoying issue, which prevented the start of the NetLicensing console dashboard is fixed now.


  • fixed Get rid of the timeout for the dashboard report requests

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Stability and usability improvements

In UI on January 18, 2021

Last week we added some useful improvements to the NetLicensing service and console.


  • updated Minor fixes on Payment Methods configuration page

  • added Highlight currently active view in the main menu

  • updated Update GuideChimp version (v3.x) for the guided tours

  • fixed Filtering on a list display (customers) conflicts with pagination

  • updated Improve affiliate view and description

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Connect Stripe account

In Shop, Integrations on January 14, 2021

We are moving forward to shut down old NetLicensing Management Console and ported one of the last features - 'Connect to Stripe'. Now you can enable and disable 'Stripe' and 'Stripe (Testing)' payment services in your vendor account, as well as configure 'Stripe Connect' to be offered as a payment method to your customers in the NetLicensing Shop.


  • added ON/OFF ‘Stripe’ and ‘Stripe (Testing)’ payment services

  • added Enable ‘Stripe Connect’

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NetLicensing Shop hotfix release

In Shop on December 28, 2020

Shop session initialisation issue (introduced with the last NetLicensing release 2.8) fixed now.


  • fixed Shop session initialisation for some licensing models (e.g. Floating)

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Ho-Ho-Ho! NetLicensing Christmas edition released!

In Shop, UI on December 23, 2020

Offer your products in different regions and local currencies. NetLicensing Shop now supports multiple currencies.


  • added Multi-currency support in NetLicensing Shop and Console

  • added Show core release version in the new Management Console

  • added Support offline files in the NetLicensing clients

  • updated Sign validation response; return fingerprint for the private key

  • updated Add signature validation to C# client

  • fixed Various performance fixes, to make service more stable

  • fixed PayPal IPN notification processing

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Licensee Secret ported to the new console

In UI on December 22, 2020

New Node-Locked licensing model replaced the old locking technique used in the earlier NetLicensing versions. Even though this new model offering better configurability and flexibility for the users, the old deprecated option 'Licensee Secret' is still in use. With this update, we enabled the possibility to manage 'Licensee Secret' in the customer profile.


  • added Enable deprecated ‘Licensee Secret’ in the customer view

  • updated Show ‘Licensee Secret’ filed only for the products configured to use deprecated option ‘Licensee Secret’

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NetLicensing Gateway Documentation

In Docu, Integrations on December 17, 2020

Implement comprehensive license acquisition and management workflow by connecting any eCommerce platform (as a license acquisition frontend) with NetLicensing Core services. NetLicensing Gateway wiki page describes the process, toolset and available connectors.


  • added NetLicensing Gateway documentation at NetLicensing Wiki

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NetLicensing Gateway @ Docker Hub

In Integrations on December 09, 2020

Use any eCommerce platform, such as FastSpring, MyCommerce, PrestaShop, SendOwl, and many others as a license acquisition frontend. After a successful transaction, all needed licensing configuration (Customers, Licenses and all related data) will be made available in the NetLicensing and can be used for later entitlements validation in NetLicensing.


  • added Publish NetLicensing Gateway to Docker Hub

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NetLicensing Extension for Zoho CRM

In Integrations on December 07, 2020

Labs64 NetLicensing for Zoho CRM integrates your customers’ entitlements in NetLicensing with your CRM system. The extension adds a new 'Customer Number' field to the Accounts module which will be used to retrieve all available licenses for a particular vendor.


  • added Enable ‘NetLicensing Extension for Zoho CRM’

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NetLicesning Advent Calendar

In Docu, Reporting on December 01, 2020

Join us, as we count down days till Christmas with NetLicesning Advent Calendar and receive every day awesome NetLicensing Perks!


  • added Enable NetLicesning Advent Calendar 2020

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Reports maintenance

In UI on November 23, 2020

We addressed some improvements on the technical side and re-enabled dashboard reports.


  • updated Enable ‘API Requests/Validations per Day’ dashboard report

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Announcement scheduled maintenance work

In API on November 21, 2020

This Sunday, November 22nd 2020, we will carry out scheduled maintenance work on our servers between 8pm and 11pm (CET), so our service will be temporarily unavailable.

Thank you for your understanding!


  • updated System maintenance

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Customized reporting improvements

In Reporting on November 20, 2020

As a part of ongoing licensing reporting improvements at NetLicensing, we made some updates and fixes in Customized Reporting Automation module.


  • updated Changed enum for ‘Status’ field to String instead of HTTP status code

  • fixed ‘sessionId’ and ‘secretId’ resolution for Floating and Node-Locked models

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UX and usability improvements

In UI on November 12, 2020

We made several improvements to the NetLicensing Management Console to improve user experience.


  • fixed Cannot select license configuration fields for a module with one package only

  • fixed ‘Used Quantity’ field in the new license for Pay-per-Use licensing model should not be a required field

  • updated Changed tooltip colours to meet Labs64 branding

  • updated Updated GuideChimp version, which is used to onboard new vendors

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Features availability indicators

In UI on November 09, 2020

We improved our UI and made it clear and visible, which NetLicensing features are available in the current vendor plan.


  • added Feature availability indicators in the vendor plan

  • updated Add tooltip to the top nav buttons

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Reports maintenance

In UI on October 30, 2020

The customers base grow and additional requirements to the reporting in the last year showed us clearly the need to rework on that side. As of today, we set some of the reports in the maintenance mode, so our team can address additional requirements.


  • updated Disable ‘API Requests/Validations per Day’ dashboard report

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Stay in touch with NetLicensing team

In UI on October 27, 2020

Our team is here to help you implement an efficient licensing strategy and automation for your products. We won't let you alone on this journey and enabled various ways to contact us - via chat, contact form, community support or simply by booking a one-to-one session with us.


  • updated Improved contact form

  • added Add ‘Book a Session’ menu item in the Management Console

  • fixed Fix ‘s is undefined’ error

  • fixed Fix ‘Cannot read property licenseeNumber of null’ error

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License and Transaction views fixes

In UI on October 20, 2020

Minor License and Transaction views fixes, to show correct licensing dates.


  • fixed Wrong transaction date (last) used to indicate the license creation date

  • fixed Current timestamp used in the transaction view as “Date Closed”

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NetLicensing Community Support

In Docu, UI on October 16, 2020

NetLicensing Community Support is a public GitHub repository and a great way to collaborate with awesome NetLicensing community, asking questions around license management and support new NetLicensing adopters. Use this repository as your first touchpoint if you need support with your specific licensing strategy.


  • added Enable NetLicensing Community Support repository and tracker

  • added New top nav icon eases the creation of the new community support ticket

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Bits & Pretzels edition

In UI on October 01, 2020

An extended bag of goodies for #bits20 participants and nifty API Keys improvements - add a name to the key to describe usage context and use this together with the key creation date.


  • added Enable Bits & Pretzels 2020 promo package

  • added Offline Validation file download in the Management Console

  • added Add ‘Name’ and ‘Create Date’ fields to the API Keys

  • fixed If no privateKey provided, an API Key token created with empty privateKey field

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Bugfix and stability release

In UI, Docu on September 24, 2020

With this release, we fixed the wrong API Keys creation in the Management Console, as well as added some minor usability and cosmetics fixes.


  • fixed If no ‘privateKey’ provided, a wrong API Key created with empty field. Note we advise you recreating API Keys generated after 2020-09-15

  • fixed NetLicensing UI guided tour does not highlight an element in the module view

  • fixed Terms of Sevice and Privacy Policy acceptance date is wrong

  • updated Minor UI cosmetics and fixes

  • fixed Wrong Licensee session used in Customer Portal

  • updated Floating model support in the Online Test Center

  • updated Deprecated features deleted in the Online Test Center

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‘Summer break’ enhancements

In API, UI on September 15, 2020

Right after a well-deserved summer break, we would like to share with you our latest fantastic system features and improvements.


  • added Create API Key form with private RSA key to sign NetLicensing validation request

  • updated System performance improvements

  • fixed Discard changes dialogue is shown after customer create

  • fixed If no action and URL provided, “null” value set at Pricing Table plan

  • updated Show alternative actions in case a wrong token was used

  • fixed Announcement panel in Management Console cannot be opened

  • updated Minor cosmetic UI fixes

  • updated Increase entity number length limit

  • updated Make ‘startDate’ value ‘now’ case-insensitive in the License create view

  • updated Rename ‘Pricing Table (beta)’ into ‘Pricing Table’

  • fixed Click on tooltip icons doesn’t work in (GuideChimp) tour mode

  • fixed Click on VAT / Logo tabs in the product edit opens wrong tabs

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NetLicensing 2.7

In API, Docu on August 17, 2020

We've tinkered with the internal workings and polished some rough edges in the system and documentation. NetLicensing service is now better than it was.


  • fixed Chrome browser login window prompt after session timeout

  • updated Raise the length limit for the entity numbers to 1000 characters (product, module, template, license)

  • updated Improve Pricing Table model documentation

  • updated Revisit Pricing Table HTML export styles

  • updated Improve Getting Started guide and ease the onboarding process for the new users

  • fixed Authentication with email/password in API Test Center didn’t work

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NetLicensing C# Client at NuGet

In Client Libraries on August 13, 2020

One of the first NetLicensing client libraries for C# (first commit Oct 2, 2013 🤖) got technology stack updates, fine-tunings, improvements (such as signed responses support), and now finally available in the NuGet repository.


  • updated Use .NET Standard 2.0 instead of .NET Framework 4.5

  • added Setup NuGet publish workflow for NetLicensingClient-csharp library

  • added Support for signed validation responses verification

  • updated Updated library documentation and sample code

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Flex packages offerings in the NetLicensing Shop

In UI, Shop on August 10, 2020

With the new NetLicensing Console and Shop enhancements you can hide selected packaged (such as trial and promotion packages) from being offered in NetLicensing Shop.


  • added Add option to hide a package in the NetLicensing Shop

  • fixed Unsaved changes dialogue is shown on entity create

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Usability improvements for the Management Console

In UI on August 06, 2020

We rolled out a heap of new small improvements and usability fixes to make your daily work with the NetLicensing Management Console efficient and easy.


  • added Show GuideChimp beacon at ‘API Examples’ tab

  • fixed Fix floating model image

  • updated Disable ‘Add license’ button if no modules available

  • updated Always show vendor onboarding checklist for VDEMO vendor

  • fixed Fix Pricing Table edit view layout

  • fixed API Examples tab showing an error is no modules created

  • updated Change style for the transaction status icons

  • updated cURL examples should use double quotes, to allow cURL execution on Windows

  • fixed Hide beacon if ‘API Examples’ tab is changed

  • fixed Fix an error ‘Property or method index is not defined’

  • fixed Hide product version information on the product card if not set

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Floating model is now available in Premium plan

In API, UI on August 01, 2020

One of our most demanded models - Floating is now available in the Premium plan and allows you to define a comprehensive licensing strategy for your products and services.


  • added Add Floating licensing model to the ‘Premium’ plan

  • updated New name - same promise; ‘FREE forever’ plan is now ‘Starter’

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Individualize products presentation

In UI on July 29, 2020

Efficiently work in the NetLicensing Management Console with improved product individualization and better instant licensing models descriptions.


  • added Assign individual images to the products

  • updated Add description to the licensing models

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Context-based UI feature tours

In UI, API on July 21, 2020

You don't need to be an experienced licensing management user to be able to set up your first product configuration in NetLicensing. Our smart guide system will navigate you through the essentials.


  • added Context-based feature tours using GuideChimp beacons

  • added Copy API Key in the clipboard on the Key number click or button

  • updated Various Pricing Table improvements - validation notifications, plan weight set upon reordering, Billing frequency hint for the plans in use, cleanup unused attributes

  • fixed Pricing Table cannot be saved - plan weight is not set

  • updated Disable ‘Add new customer’ button if there are no products available

  • fixed New pricing table plans disabled after creation

  • updated Improve License form - split fields in two columns

  • updated Move ‘Marked for Transfer’ Licensee to ‘Advanced’ section

  • updated Make product version field as optional

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Pricing Table model is now available in FREE forever plan

In UI on July 07, 2020

We assigned Pricing Table licensing model to the FREE forever plan, so now you can start creating, experimenting, and implementing different pricing plans at free of charge to see which pricing strategy is more effective for your business needs.


  • added Add Pricing Table licensing model to the ‘FREE forever’ plan

  • updated Enable newly added Pricing Table plan by default

  • fixed Plan weight is not set for new Pricing Table plans

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NetLicensing Shop: VAT reduction for Germany

In Shop on July 01, 2020

Due to recent temporary tax legislation changes in Germany (that will last until 31 December 2020), the Value Added Tax (VAT) rate in NetLicensing Shop decreased from 19% to 16%. The updated VAT rate will be applicable for all customers with the Buyer Country - Germany. Refer to the VAT Calculation Rules for addition information.


  • updated Change VAT rate for Germany from 19% to 16%

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NetLicensing 2.6.1

In API, Shop, Docu on June 29, 2020

Seamless Pricing Table licensing model integration with NetLicensing Shop allows you to create an efficient pricing plan and membership management flow for your products.


  • added Send welcome email to the new vendors after registration

  • added Backend support for the upcoming Customer Portal

  • updated Support NetLicensing Shop integration into the Pricing Table licensing model

  • updated ‘productNumber’ attribute is deprecated in the permanent SHOP token

  • updated Cleanup Shop from old SKUs definition

  • fixed Exclude ‘session’ API Keys from the core response; these API Keys won’t be shown on the Settings view anymore

  • added Create a default API key with ‘ROLE_APIKEY_LICENSEE’ for new vendor accounts

  • fixed Incomplete validation response for the Floating licensing model

  • updated Revisit NetLicensing Website, Wiki and Documentation

  • updated Improved Getting Started guide to ease the new vendors onboarding

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Vendor Onboarding Checklist

In UI on June 25, 2020

NetLicensing Onboarding Checklist guides new vendors through essential NetLicensing functionalities and makes sure you will be able to enable license management for your products within minutes.


  • added NetLicensing Getting Started Checklist for new vendors

  • updated Update GuideChimp to the v1.6.1 to enable events listener for checklist actions

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NetLicensing - Zapier integration update

In Integrations on June 16, 2020

Automate your workflow and connect NetLicensing vendor account with thousands of other apps with a few clicks only.


  • added Enabled API Key authentication for NetLicensing zaps

  • updated Deprecated insecure user/pass authentication

  • updated Update to the new Zapier core framework v10.0.0

  • updated Update NetLicensing JS library to v1.2.24

  • updated Revisit documentation, help texts and APIKey instructions

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Labs64 NetLicensing JavaScript Client v1.2.24

In Client Libraries on June 15, 2020

The small annoying defect was fixed, so you can now serialize NetLicensing API responses without errors within JavaScript and NodeJS environments.


  • fixed Fix JSON circular structure conversion error

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Floating model sessions management

In UI on June 03, 2020

Verify status and release Floating model sessions directly on the licenses list view, as well on the dedicated 'Sessions' tab.


  • added Show available and checked out floating model sessions per license on the licenses list view

  • added View and delete floating model sessions directly on the licenses list view

  • added Add dedicated Sessions tab in the Floating License detail view

  • added Verify session expiration timestamp and highlight current session status

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Node-Locked model management

In UI on May 29, 2020

Get instant access and manage node secrets directly on the licenses list view. Additional 'Secrets' tab provides you with an efficient way to manage Node-Locked model secrets for both Client and Predefined modes.


  • added Show available and used node secret slots per license on the licenses list view

  • added View and delete node secrets directly on the licenses list view

  • added Add dedicated Secrets tab in the Node-Locked License detail view

  • added Generate node secret value (UUID) for the predefined mode

  • added Copy node secret value to clipboard

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Bulk operations

In UI on May 25, 2020

Bulk operations are useful when working with large data sets. With this release, additional bulk operations, such as activate/deactivate entities or mass deletion of the API keys, introduced.


  • added Pricing Table model - show plan start date as date-picker field

  • updated Additional warning about dryRun on API Examples tab

  • added Bulk delete for API keys

  • added Bulk activate / deactivate entities

  • updated Do not prompt user confirmation upon activation

  • updated Improve activate/deactivate entity prompts and messages

  • added On license create view, inherit name from the package by default

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Safeguard NetLicensing entities deletion

In UI on May 19, 2020

Accidental deletion of the NetLicensing entities might be crucial for your products and customers. With this release, we've introduced an additional verification upon deletion of the NetLicensing entities, such as product, module, customer or API Key.


  • added Add confirmation edit box on the entity deletion panel

  • added Allow deletion of deactivated entities only

  • updated Product labels (modules and customers) in the list view are clickable now

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NetLicensing Shop Customization

In UI on May 15, 2020

NetLicensing Shop is a white-label e-commerce solution which can be easily customized to match your brand style and identity. Now you can add your brand logo, colours and texts on the Shop Customization page.


  • added Enable Shop Customization page

  • fixed Filter out internal API Keys in the Settings view

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Stay up-to-date with NetLicensing platform news

In UI on May 07, 2020

Don't miss NetLicensing fixes, updates and new features. Notification icon will inform you about the latest changes to NetLicensing platform.


  • added Unread messages count on the notification icon

  • updated Additionally to the product and customers list, memento added to the modules list

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NetLicensing 2.5.9

In API, UI on April 30, 2020

Ease the product configuration and customers management via a redesigned management console and improved service documentation.


  • updated Prevent direct login and vendor registration via legacy management console

  • updated Revisit Website and Wiki documentation (Getting Started, RESTful API, Licensing Models, etc.)

  • fixed User Profile shows wrong Terms of Service and Privacy Policy versions for newly registered vendors

  • updated Use NetLicensing branding in the service emails

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Customized Reporting output format update

In Reporting on April 29, 2020

Customized Reporting output format (CSV) satisfies RFC-4180 specification.


  • updated Fields containing line breaks (CRLF), double quotes, and commas will be enclosed in double-quotes

  • updated Line endings changed from LF to CRLF (as per RFC-4180)

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Instant validate API access

In UI on April 27, 2020

Get instant access to the essential NetLicensing RESTful API methods and see how to validate customer directly in the Management Console.


  • added Add validate API reference in the “API Examples” section in Customer view

  • fixed Button “+ Add module” doesn’t work

  • fixed Email template notification uses old console URL

  • fixed Handle not existing registration token

  • updated Do not show “Back to Legacy Console” link to all new users

  • added Remember last used customers view - list or detail

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Customers & Licenses detail view

In UI on April 15, 2020

Easily navigate between Customers and Licenses list. Detailed view significantly improving the efficiency if you need to work with multiple entities.


  • added Enable detailed view for Customers

  • added Enable detailed view for Licenses

  • added Open Customer or License in a new window using double-click

  • updated New license - use date only as a start date

  • fixed Fix pricing table plan description in the shop checkout

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NetLicensing documentation update

In Docu on April 13, 2020

NetLicensing documentation update ease new vendor onboarding and integration process.


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Instant RESTful API access

In UI on April 08, 2020

API Examples tab provides context-based reference to the NetLicensing RESTful API methods.


  • added Create Shop Token reference to the “API Examples” tab

  • fixed Customer breadcrumb is empty in the license view

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Console UI/UX improvements

In UI on April 02, 2020

Create your first product configuration with just a few clicks.


  • added Help new vendors to start right away with own product configuration

  • updated Get rid of “Advanced” collapsible sections in the entities configurations and show additional configuration attributes

  • updated Improve overall UX & visibility of the checkboxes across UI

  • updated Prefill “Start Date” field in the edit form for the new time-volume licenses

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Onboarding of new NetLicensing vendors

In UI on March 30, 2020

Welcome new NetLicensing vendors and suggest the next step to kick-off their license management.


  • added Vendor onboarding guided tour

  • added Copy Pricing Table HTML snippet button

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NetLicensing 2.5.8

In API on March 27, 2020

New simplified NetLicensing registration flow and other useful fixes & improvements.


  • updated New NetLicensing registration flow

  • updated Rename Pricing Table HTML generation endpoint to “/getHTML” to “/render”

  • fixed Deactivated model feature affects other models validation

  • fixed Validation issue if deprecated Licensee Secret feature was used previously

  • fixed Customers search delivers wrong results

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Console UI/UX improvements

In UI on March 23, 2020

Small UI/UX improvements that make a big difference in the NetLicemsing experience.


  • added Add refresh button to all lists

  • added Generate permanent shop token for Pricing Table plans

  • fixed Fix Pricing Table demo data creation

  • updated Open product details right after demo data creation

  • updated Checkboxes style changed and made more intuitive

  • added Add deactivate module toggle in the product module view

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Labs64 NetLicensing for GitHub Teacher Toolbox

In Integrations, UI on March 13, 2020

Great news for all teachers - Labs64 NetLicensing partnered with GitHub and offers NetLicensing Teacher (Basic) Plan for FREE all GitHub Teacher Toolbox users.


  • added Authorize via GitHub Teacher Toolbox program

  • added New pricing plan “Teacher (Basic)”

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Notable NetLicensing Features

In Docu on March 09, 2020

TL:DR - Bored to read newer-ending changelog? We prepared a condensed list of notable NetLicensing features, changes and fixes.


  • added Enable GuideChimp Tour “Notable Features” for NetLicensing changelog

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NetLicensing Console Maintenance Release

In UI on March 05, 2020

Maintenance release fixing annoying NetLicensing Management Console defects.


  • fixed Microsoft Edge compatibility issue

  • fixed Service error while working with modules

  • fixed Error saving Multi-Feature license model packages

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NetLicensing JavaScript Library / Node.js fix

In Client Libraries on February 18, 2020

Latest NetLicensing JavaScript Library fix allows you to integrate License Management in your Node.js powered web applications.


  • fixed Use correct header Accept application/json

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Stay up-to-date with NetLicensing platform news

In UI on February 10, 2020

Stay informed about the latest changes to NetLicensing platform directly in the management console.


  • added What’s new information panel

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Demo Data for the Licensing Models

In UI on January 17, 2020

Easily create a new product configuration that is pre-configured with the demo data for the chosen licensing model.


  • added NetLicensing licensing models demo data

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NetLicensing Changelog RSS Feed

In Docu on January 07, 2020

Track NetLicensing additions, updates and fixes on the NetLicensing changelog RSS feed using your favorite RSS reader, such as Inoreader, Feedly, Flipboard.


  • added NetLicensing changelog RSS feed for individual features

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NetLicensing 2.5.7

In API on December 27, 2019

Prevent Man-in-the-Middle attack by signing NetLicensing validation response and other minor improvements.


  • added Sign validation response

  • updated Allow login using vendor number, email and username

  • updated Improve validate performance for Floating and Pay-per-Use licensing models

  • fixed NetLicensing Shop checkout page doesn’t work for floating model

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Extended Customer Data

In UI on December 26, 2019

Improve customer profiles by adding and grouping customer information using Custom Properties in the UI.


  • added Render “customerData” as an additional customer’s tab

  • updated Use the same order of module/package columns

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Pricing Table Licensing Model

In UI on December 25, 2019

Easily maintain Pricing Table & Membership Plans for your SaaS products in the NetLicensing UI.


  • added Enable Pricing Table model (beta)

  • updated Restrict username character set

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NetLicensing 2.5.6

In API on November 26, 2019

New HTTP 409 status code added to indicate that the request could not be processed because of conflict in the multiple simultaneous updates.


  • updated New “HTTP 409” status code added

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NetLicensing Attribution upon using FREE plans

In UI on November 18, 2019

Free plan users are requested to provide NetLicensing attribution in their products.


  • added Inform vendor if Attribution Required flag set to true

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Labs64 NetLicensing for GitHub Students

In Integrations, UI on November 12, 2019

Great news for all students - Labs64 NetLicensing partnered with GitHub and offers you NetLicensing Student (Basic) Plan for FREE while you are a student.


  • added Authorize via GitHub Education program

  • added Add affiliate link to the vendor profile

  • added Filters for customers page

  • updated Show Plan “valid to” on the usage page

  • fixed Products breadcrumb on module edit page

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NetLicensing 2.5.5

In API, UI on November 03, 2019

Easily export Pricing Table configuration as HTML to use this on our website.


  • updated NetLicensing RESTful API Test Center updated with the latest API changes

  • added Endpoint for PricingTable license model allows you to retrieve pricing table configuration in HTML format

  • fixed New Node-Locked licensing model cannot be selected

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NetLicensing / Zapier Integration

In Integrations on October 15, 2019

Connect your NetLicensing vendor account with more than 1500 supported Zapier integrations right away and with almost no effort!


  • added Enable NetLicensing / Zapier Integration

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Node-Locked Licensing Model

In API, UI on September 14, 2019

Prevent sharing of the license identities and unauthorized usage of your products by binding the customer identity to the device (node) with the Node-Locked licensing model.


  • added Enable new Node-Locked licensing model

  • updated Registration - validate user profile attributes

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NetLicensing 2.5.1

In API on August 28, 2019

Maintenance release fixing wrong usage notifications.


  • fixed Wrong usage notifications

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NetLicensing 2.5.0

In API on August 11, 2019

Allow customers to use your products on multiple devices using new Node-Locked licensing model which is now supporting multiple nodes.


  • added NetLicensing Agent works with the smart card / hardware dongle now

  • added Extend Node-Locked licensing model (1:n pairing)

  • updated Deprecate “Licensee Secret” mode; a new Node-Locked licensing model replacing and extending this functionality

  • updated Update all NetLicensing client libraries

  • updated Subscription license model now supports Grace Period

  • updated NetLicensing Shop / Transaction improvements for recurring payments

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Vendor usage page

In UI on August 10, 2019

Easily verify the limits (active products, customers) and available features and licensing models within your NetLicensing vendor account.


  • added Vendor usage page

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NetLicensing C++ Client Library

In UI on April 25, 2019

Add a full set of NetLicensing services to the C++ client library.


  • updated Update C++ client library

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Here you can find a historical archive of past NetLicensing release notes.