Release Notes - NetLicensing 2.3.1-FINAL

** Improvement
    * [LMB-1084] - "Generate new key" overrides old APIKey
    * [LMB-1102] - Revisit NetLicensing email templates
    * [LMB-1103] - Multi-Feature license doesn't show license template relation
    * [LMB-1104] - Floating licensing model doesn't indicate if there are no active licenses exists
    * [LMB-1119] - Java Client: Form params are being used for GET requests

** Bug
    * [LMB-933] - Wrong date format for Subscription Licensing Model breaks validation
    * [LMB-969] - GET / DELETE Token method returns HTTP500
    * [LMB-1046] - For license templates that allow no price (empty), it is not possible to empty it once set
    * [LMB-1047] - With only free licenses in shopping cart (total price 0), PSP selection still required for checkout
    * [LMB-1100] - License custom property deletion using [-] is not working in Management Console
    * [LMB-1101] - PayPal: vendor account isn't funded after successful payment
    * [LMB-1101] - Null-Payment Method is always shown on the confirmation page
    * [LMB-1106] - Shop success and cancel URLs aren't rendered
    * [LMB-1107] - TryAndBuy Licensing Model doesn't allow to buy a full-featured license for the second licensee
    * [LMB-1110] - Order confirmation email isn't received
    * [LMB-1112] - Licenses bound to inactive license templates are not considered for validation