How to use NetLicensing in reseller mode


Our products are being distributed via partners and resellers network. The time between distributors receive the license, and users start using the products, there might be some days or even months. Maintenance starts when users start using our products. How this reseller scenario can be achieved with NetLicensing?


You can setup NetLicensing reseller mode with the two options outlined below:

Option 1: Predefined Licensee

This option is suitable for resellers with a low number of customers.

With this option, you’d need to create needed Licensees via NetLicensing Management Console and share Licensee Numbers numbers with your resellers.

Option 2: Auto-Created Licensee

This option is suitable for resellers with a high number of customers, where pre-creation of hight number of the Licensees isn’t feasible.

With this option, you need to create an APIKey with Role "ROLE_APIKEY_OPERATION" ( see also Security ) and allow your resellers to create Licensees whenever they need a new one.