How to access and verify consent given by end-customer

To keep proof of customers’ consent is mandatory with the new GDPR rules.

In NetLicensing, when a customer acquires new Licenses using NetLicensing Shop, he should give you a consent and agree to your Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policies applicable to your product or service.

NetLicensing provides a logging feature which records every consent given within corresponding Transaction entity.

You can access this data either using NetLicensing RESTful API or via NetLicensing Management Console.

Transaction - Proof of Concent

Customer’s consent will be stored in the following Transaction properties:

  • Consent Timestamp - consent timestamp; please be aware of the time zone (NetLicensing server time zone), as you might need to convert this to your or customer’s time zone in order to get exact consent timestamp
  • Consent Privacy Policy - link to the Privacy Policy defined in your vendor profile
  • Consent Terms Of Service - link to the Terms Of Service defined in your vendor profile

Please Note

If you are using an external shopping module or system with the NetLicensing integrated into fulfilment process, it’s the responsibility of the external systems to collect customer’s consent in the shopping cart!

Please contact the support team of those systems to get more info on the Proof of Consent process.