NetLicensing Shop

NetLicensing Shop is a white-label licensing e-commerce solution, which offers your customers easy licenses acquisition. NetLicensing products, modules and packages configuration will be used to show your customers available licensing options.

Access Shop

To use NetLicensing Shop, Shop Token need to be created; shopURL parameter in the response can be used to forward the customer to NetLicensing Shop.

Accept: application/xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<ns2:netlicensing xmlns="" xmlns:ns2="">
        <ns2:item type="Token">
            <ns2:property name="number">976bde51-0014-4e2a-b97e-08ede6604054</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="active">true</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="expirationTime">2022-04-20T21:51:05.293Z</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="tokenType">SHOP</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="shopURL"></ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="cancelURL"></ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="successURL"></ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="successURLTitle">Return to</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="cancelURLTitle">Cancel and return to</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="licenseeNumber">CUST-API-KEY-SIGN-01</ns2:property>
            <ns2:property name="vendorNumber">VDEMO</ns2:property>


You can customize NetLicensing Shop at Settings > Shop Customization to display your brand elements: logo, legal information and links, and custom texts.

Payment Methods

On the Settings > Payment Methods page you can configure payment methods to be used during the checkout process.

NetLicensing Shop works in the single currency mode. System currency for the entire vendor account can be configured at Settings > General page.

Note: In case, no payments method is activated and configured, NetLicensing checkout will be executed without payment step and selected licenses will be assigned to the customer. This scenario can be used for non-profit or to test the checkout process.


NetLicensing Shop is an optional component. Below you will find alternative options on how new licenses can be added to the customer profile.

  • External e-Commerce - Enable external e-Commerce system using NetLicensing Gateway
  • RESTful API - Use License Services API to create a new License and assign this to the Customer
  • Management Console - Add licenses manually via NetLicensing Management Console