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NetLicensing Wiki

Here you will find resources that will help you learn about NetLicensing, including the current specification, documentation, implementation status, as well as a repository of demos and resources that take advantage of NetLicensing.
How it Works

How it Works

As a vendor, you need just few steps to integrate NetLicensing into your product.

Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started guide provides step-by-step instructions for the vendor how to begin with the NetLicensing service.

NetLicensing API

NetLicensing API

The NetLicensing API (RESTful / JavaDoc) is for developers integrating NetLicensing with applications and administrators who want to script interactions with the NetLicensing server.

Client Libraries

Client Libraries

Use the following client libraries and examples as a foundation for integrating NetLicensing in your code. It will help you to understand how to perform the validation, build the infrastructure to manage and track licenses, perform various vendor administrative tasks, etc. using the NetLicensing API.

Get Started with NetLicensing

It’s easy to get started with NetLicensing to enable license management for your products.
Just follow these five simple steps.

NetLicensing Usage Scenarios

Here you can find typical NetLicensing integration and usage scenarios, which might give you some impressions on how you can elaborate on the best-fit licensing approach for your products.

Online validation & activation

Use NetLicensing services in an innovative Licensing-as-a-Service (LaaS) mode, so your products can be validated & activated online, as well as provide the best customer experience by allowing immediate online licenses acquisition.

NetLicensing Use Case: Online validation & activation

Offline validation using NetLicensing Agent on customers’ premises

In some environments access to the NetLicensing cloud services is not possible for technical or organizational reasons, such as no internet connectivity or security restrictions. To enable NetLicensing functionality even in such restricted environments, we offer NetLicensing Agent - a standalone module, which is able to operate without connectivity to the NetLicensing cloud services and responding in a local network or on a local host to the validation requests same as the NetLicensing cloud service does.

NetLicensing Use Case: Offline validation using NetLicensing Agent on customers’ premises

Offline validation using License File or Cache

This is a typical scenario, which can be used for mobile applications and IoT devices to reduce outgoing traffic on validation requests. Either an offline license file can be shared with the customer or an initial successful response from NetLicensing validation can be cached in the product for the defined Time-To-Live interval and used to enable or disable product functionalities.

NetLicensing Use Case: Offline validation using TTL & Cache

3pp e-commerce integration using NetLicensing Gateway

Integration with NetLicensing doesn’t mean, that existing sales channels need to be changed. You can use established e-commerce (FastSpring, MyCommerce, PrestaShop, SendOwl, etc.) platforms for licenses checkout process and configure fulfillment / web-hocks process to be used in the combination with NetLicensing Gateway. So all acquired licenses will be available and assigned to the customer for later validation in NetLicensing.

NetLicensing Use Case: 3pp e-commerce integration using NetLicensing Gateway

ERP & CRM integration using NetLicensing RESTful API

The best synergies can be achieved via integration of your CRM, CMS, ERP & BI and NetLicensing services. Transform your existing systems in “one-stop-shop” for all customer and process relevant metrics and access retrieve NetLicensing assets assigned to your customers in the above systems.

NetLicensing Use Case: ERP & CRM integration using NetLicensing RESTful API

NetLicensing Case Studies

Check out our Case Studies to see how we have helped create license management solutions across a diverse range of vendors and industry sectors.