In our projects we use both SVN and Git and know how difficult sometimes it can be to mentally switch from one version control to another. As an aid, we created for you this hands-on SVN / Git side-by-side command reference:

  SVN Git
Checkout from central repository svn checkout
git clone
Update from central repository svn update git pull
Push changes to central repository svn commit -m "msg" file git commit -m "msg" file;\
git push
Push all changes to central repository svn commit -m "msg" git commit -a -m "msg";\
git push
Show local changes svn status git status
Diff local changes svn diff file git diff file
Revert local changes svn revert file git checkout file
Revert all local changes svn revert . -R git reset –hard HEAD
Add new file svn add file git add file
Add new folder recursively svn add folder git add folder
Delete file svn delete file git rm file
Delete folder svn delete folder git rm -r folder
Ignore artifacts svn propset svn:ignore "bin" .;\
svn commit -N -m "svn:ignore" .
echo "bin" > .gitignore;\
git commit -m "gitignore" .gitignore

Of course, this reference does not contain all the commands available in Git and SVN, but it gives a brief overview on basic commands used in a daily work.