Trends in Application Development – Stay Ahead

If your company is to stay ahead in the highly competitive market of application development it is imperative that you stay on top of all of the latest trends, as the consumer will likely already be several steps ahead of you. You should also bear in mind that every single one of your competitors will be pouring as much, if not more, time and money researching the latest trends and seeking out new ways to be innovative.

The most successful technologies of the last ten years; smartphones, tablets, cloud computing and -storage have all been born out of a desire to find bigger and better ways to enable to consumer to work wherever they are. The genius of such innovations has been in making mobile technology an indispensable tool to anyone who wants to get on in business, or even just go about their daily lives in an easy and efficient manner.

There have been numerous trends which are continually evolving and this article is by no means meant to be exhaustive – there is always more to say on the subject of innovation!

The speed at which companies are required to produce new and exciting applications for the personal and business market means that the value of Software as a Service (SaaS) now greater than ever before. If you can find a company which can effectively aid you in the day to day running of your business, meaning that you can focus more heavily on pushing forward with innovation.

The concept of Cloud Computing and the use of the Personal Cloud space as something more than a simple back-up tool but also a way of accessing documents and files from anywhere, at any time, on any device has been brought to the fore by the big names such as Apple’s iCloud and the GoogleDrive services. However, this does not mean that there is not room for smaller innovators who can offer something different and unique to consumers.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in recent years has been the evolution in user interfaces and the actual way in which people interact with the technology around them. The advances in touchscreen an VR (virtual reality) interfaces has meant that Application Developers are now facing even more challenges in making their products stand up to user expectations.

This is a phenomenon which has been pushed forward by the advent of 3D technology both in the cinema but more significantly in people’s everyday lives through televisions and even mobile phones, now capable of offering users an extra dimension.

If an application is to be a success its Graphical User Interface (GUI) needs to be attractive, easy to use and an integral part of the product. All of this is a part of making the end user experience pleasurable and exciting.

Where applications and software were once an additional part of people’s lives, on the periphery, they are now dead centre. People’s lives revolve around how they use technology and the technology they own and use has a tremendous influence on what they will do under any given circumstance.

Stay ahead, stay innovative, stay on top!

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