Labs64 NetLicensing is going FREE!

Labs64 NetLicensing - Online License Management Service is taking a huge step forward in making it easy for vendors to sign up with their licensing management service.

Today, we are announcing a new availability model – NetLicensing is going FREE!

We are making our basic licensing management software available to everyone, completely free of charge and without any restrictions on the number of transactions or the size of the vendor.

This isn’t a limited-time promotion. This is a permanent change to the way NetLicensing works.

We take great pride in NetLicensing as a product, and that is why we are making it accessible to all. The new model will also provide vendors with unlimited access to the NetLicensing API or client libraries from the NetLicensing Libraries, and includes email support.

We are still going to have the option of paying for a premium service, and our Enterprise package will remain the same as before, with Enterprise customers receiving priority support and been given exclusive access to the latest NetLicensing features.

It’s a freemium model, the basic NetLicensing licensing management plan is free. We offer premium services and can add more in the future. We think this has the potential to change interchange fees by giving vendors around the world relief from these high fees.

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