Labs64 NetLicensing 2.3 is Out!

It’s a New Year which means new opportunities and, more importantly, a new version of NetLicensing 2.3 is here.

We also have a brand new home for NetLicensing, with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We have made this change to a reliable and scalable cloud platform which guarantees our customers a 99.9% UPTIME. Now that we have moved our licensing service to AWS we are able to focus more than ever before on delivering a first class product to our customers.

With this change we also have a new base URL for the NetLicensing API: make sure you update!

We also have a new Licensing Model - Multi-Feature. Designed to make NetLicensing easier to use and deploy in your environment. This model comes with the option for your customers to enable and disable features as and when they need them.

What is even better what will really want to make you Go NetLicensing is that all of this can be done without the need to modify the existing installation. Bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘in place upgrade’.

And finally. We have given the NetLicensing Shop a makeover. Completely redesigning it and overhauling the backend workings to enable us to provide a seamless online purchase experience whenever, wherever and from whatever. PC, tablet or mobile.

You have the power to revolutionize your business and Go NetLicensing!

Image Credits: Labs64