Flexible, responsible and committed to our customers

Labs64 is an independent IT service provider. We design, develop and implement a broad range of IT solutions based on our customer’s individual requirements. Labs64 focusses on finance, telecommunications, automotive, and automation technology industries as well as on hardware, software and online solutions.
 We provide our customers with expert advice and support, all the way from the initial concept to the implementation. With more than fifty years of combined IT experience, we understand business processes and design solutions to ensure our customer’s ongoing success.

Our client base includes small and medium-sized companies as well as global enterprises, such as BMW, Siemens Enterprise Communications, MSI Solutions, WIP Immobilien and Zurich Instruments.


Our team is committed to provide IT services with:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Support


Services, tailored to your needs 

Being both dynamic and innovative, Labs64 is committed to supporting our business partners at every step of any project’s life-cycle. Experience in very different environments and the ability to anticipate developments in the market is the basis for rewarding customer relationships. Labs64 offers comprehensive and highly flexible services which can be precisely tailored to your needs and requirements.


Labs64 has extensive experience across very different platforms. Our services include:

  • Customised Software Development

    We provide our customers with expert advice and support, all the way from the initial concept to the implementation. Thanks to our huge IT experience, we are able to support processes and design solutions which are a perfect fit for our customer’s requirements.

  • Website Maintenance

    You need a website for your business and you even know how it should look like? You already have a website but it needs some updating and you don’t want to take care of hosting, HTML, CSS and other technical details? Our experts make sure that you will have nothing to worry about. We have experience in a broad range of web technologies, ensuring that your website is reliable and always online.

  • Backup & Restore

    It is easy to find a whole bunch of professional backup solutions for almost every IT platform. When it comes to backups of a system that is already in place, however, individual solutions are quite often necessary. Not only do our experts understand how backup software works, they are also able to develop the perfect backup strategy for your servers, operating systems, databases and applications. Moreover, many network appliances that are not supported by standardised backup software can be included in your solution, too.

  • Payment Integration & Gateway

    Are you about to open your own online business? Do you want to attract more customers to an existing store by adding more payment methods? By developing in-house NetLicensing solutions, we integrate the payment services into an online shop. Labs64 has built expertise in PSP integration, most importantly PayPal. We help you to integrate PayPal on different levels, ranging from simple HTML buttons to a secure PayPal API.


At Labs64, everything is based on innovation. Or consultants and resources possess a very broad knowledge about the industry in general, including the following skills:

  • Project Management
  • Enterprise & Solutions Architecture
  • IT Architecture/ -development
  • Web Programming (CMS, Backend Solutions)
  • Website & Portal building (Corporate websites, B2B, B2C, e-Commerce, Rich Internet Applications)
  • Mobile / Application Development
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Offshore Software Development


Our development methodology provides a structured framework aimed at delivering high quality software solutions.
Over the years, we have refined our business process by blending best industry practices using agile methodology and absorbed the best approach to ensure maximum performance and best quality for projects while reducing complexity that may effect budget or timing of projects.

  • Agile Methods (SCRUM, Kanban)
  • eXtreme Programming
  • Continuous Integration (JenkinsCI, TeamCity, CruiseControl)
  • Issue Tracking (JIRA, Bugzilla, Redmine)
  • Team Collaboration (Confluence)
  • Version Control (SVN, Git)
  • Software Project Management (Maven, Ant)
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Software Modelling (UML, Enterprise Architect)


Labs64 is one of the first companies worldwide with a cloud-based solution that can be individually configured, delivering “Licensing-as-a-Service”. NetLicensing makes product and software licensing easy and flexible. NetLicensing can be used for cloud-based SaaS, embedded software or for licensing and protection of on-premise software.

NetLicensing moves product and software licensing to the cloud, making it available at any time.

With Labs64 NetLicensing, new and extremely flexible licensing models can be implemented. It can also be used with an integrated payment gateway to monetise your products and services. The service is set up and operational in less than an hour through easy parameterisation.


If you are interested in our services and products and/or want to know more about Labs64, we are looking forward to hearing from you:






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