We have always known that NetLicensing is a great product. With the ability to save vendors of all sizes; time, money and effort. Now, it would seem NetLicensing can even save actual lives! We recently received this story in an email from one of our customers, and thought that we would share it with you – maybe NetLicensing could save your (work)life?

NetLicensing Can Save Lives

It was a normal day in the office, with nothing unusual happening at all. It was quite a warm day so I had decided to open the windows and get some fresh air. Little did I know that this open window would let in more than just fresh air!

I suddenly heard a buzzing sound and then realised that a Bee had flown in through the window – I’m not sure what he was looking for, maybe he planned to deliver some lovely honey to us.

It wasn’t long before I realised that he hadn’t meant to fly into our office, and was struggling to get back out again. It was at this point that my colleague Constantin – thinking quickly – grabbed an empty glass and a NetLicensing Flyer, he trapped the bee in the glass and kept him there with the help of the flyer. Doing this, he was able to safely release the bee back out through the window – life saved!

There we are, not only is NetLicensing a first-class solution to all your licensing needs. A safe, secure and easy-to-use Cloud Based Licensing Management Solution.

We’ve just made NetLicensing even easier to access – with it now being completely free! Stop wasting time and money, and save yourself today with NetLicensing.

Safe. Secure. Efficient. A real life-saver!

Image Credits: Clever Kids