Cyber Monday - Labs64 NetLicensing 2.3.4

On this Cyber Monday, we are happy to announce NetLicensing 2.3.4 availability!

With this release we are introducing very notable security feature - Licensee Secret, which significantly improves your protection as a vendor against licenses abuse. It adds the node-locking capability and may be used in combination with any supported licensing model. Read more here.

For a detailed list of changes in this release, see NetLicensing 2.3.4 Release Notes.

Cyber Monday has arrived, and you don’t want to miss the biggest offer of the year! All accounts created until the end of this year (2016) will receive a complimentary 1-year access to all new premium NetLicensing features that will be enabled throughout the coming year 2017.

Here’s a sneak view of what you will get:

  • NetLicensing Shop Customization
  • VAT support for European vendors and customers
  • Transfer licenses between licensees
  • Offline licensing mode
  • … and many other interesting improvements

This offer is valid for all new NetLicensing registrations made between November 28, 2016 and December 31, 2016.

Be sure not to miss out on this chance – it’s a limited-time offer!

As always, your feedback is important to us - please visit NetLicensing Website - Leave Feedback.

Thank you for your contributions & Happy Licensing!