NetLicensing 2.5.0 - Indian Summer edition

Today we are happy to announce that we launched a new version of NetLicensing 2.5.0 - Indian Summer edition. We have added a load of new features and improvements to help ISV to enable enterprise-grade license management.

Notable changes in this release:

Early Access to NetLicensing / Zapier integration

We continue extending NetLicensing integrations portfolio to ease seamless integration of NetLicensing services in vendors’ environments. Get early access to this NetLicensing Integration.

NetLicensing Kotlin client

As Kotlin’s usage continues to grow and improve, one thing becomes clear: Programmers love Kotlin. At Labs64 NetLicensing we picked up Kotlin as a language for our new NetLicensing Client Library. This new library includes several convenient classes and features for you to use when integrating your products with the NetLicensing RESTful API. You can check out and evaluate beta-Version of the NetLicensing Kotlin Client here.

Sneak preview for the new Management Console

We are very excited to announce the release of our new NetLicensing Management Console user interface. This sneak preview brings greater user experience and consistency to the NetLicensing workflow. Try it out using your existing vendor account at

NetLicensing Management Console

Extend Node-Locked licensing model

We enabled a new Node-Locked licensing model, which replaces the existing Licensee Secret product feature by adding the possibility to define a number of the product instances to be used at the same Customer. So you can offer your customers the possibility to use your products on multiple devices; e.g. Desktop and Mobile.

Grace period for time-based licensing models

Time-based licensing models such as Subscription, Rental got an extension by enabling Grace Period, which can be used to allow customers to use your products beyond the validity of the acquired subscription and improves customer satisfaction.

Also, we’ve implemented many improvements and bug fixes across all NetLicensing components: Core, Management Console, Shop, Gateway, Client Libraries, and Documentation.

For a detailed list of changes in this release, see NetLicensing 2.5.0 Release Notes. As always, your feedback is important to us - please visit NetLicensing Website - Leave Feedback.

Thank you for your contributions & Happy Licensing!

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