Reliable Product Licensing Systems Benefits

In the past few decades various new businesses and technologies were, and are on the rise. Genetics, new digital products that are basically supercomputers compared to standards just a 10 or so years ago, intelligent cars, new materials - and one that was expected, but is simply coming and taking over way too fast - the Internet.

Online Sales and Online Licensing

The internet is a massive network, growing every day, and, as also expected gave births to various online businesses, which I’m sure you already heard of; at least one of them. These extremely well known companies have daily millions of transactions, purchases, product sales, monthly rents of some sort of digital content, may it be a TV program, a forum that is for members only… you name it.

It all might basically very simple, and straight forward, but behind all these shopping, renting sales, etc. websites is a very large support consisting of servers that are specially secured to avoid misuse, personnel watching are tracking transactions if they are suspicious, a whole network of serviceman looking after the hardware, the programming to make the money transfers and credit card payments viable… suddenly, if you think about it like this, it becomes a mess in which you probably do not want to participate because it gives a rather uncomfortable headache.

Of course, large companies have all this, because they can afford it and it is better to do this in-house if the sales are huge enough. But what about start-up companies? All this costs a tons of money, and a significant amount of time is needed till it all works out.

So, first you need to consult about what system you need, have contracts with banks so the credit card transfers are occurring as they should, build the hardware system, have programmers fix everything… Should I continue?

Labs64 NetLicensing to the Rescue

Now, it is not a new idea that one can have a company that specializes for online product licensing. This company sets up everything that I just described, and makes a very reliable service which is easy to implement, supports various models of licensing, payments, subscriptions - all with simple to use and powerful customizable platform standards so when you hire a programmer to set this up for you he or she can do it quite quickly.

Labs64 NetLicensing is one such system. What you, as our customer should do is simply either hire someone to make a website with the goods you offer, check out the NetLicensing pricing plans available, and set it up so it serves your purposes! Very simple!

One of the advantages of NetLicensing is that it is reliable, flexible, customizable, and comes with three different pricing plans. There is even a free version! No fees - nothing! Free to use - in case your monthly turnover is less than a certain sum. But who cares? If it goes over the limit, you will obviously be happy that sales are going well, and fall into the second or third category. Remember, it is not cheap to set all the necessary hardware and software and manpower, plus contracts and secure server lines for online money transaction - it cost a lot of money. So, you are getting a hell of a bargain with the basic/free package.

You decide to test it, or take a glimpse of it, the wiki-articles are ready and explain how NetLicensing works, modes, code examples and such so either you or your programmer can take a look at it.

If you are new to the world of digital licensing and sales, be sure you check it out, and if already have some service, and looking for a new one, because you are curious or unsatisfied with the existing one - you are at the right spot!

Make sure you check out the pricing plan and other points of interest on NetLicensing website.