Easily update customers’ entitlements

Since a long time, upgrading software licensing has always been seen as a never-ending process which software developer feared. As a customer wants to change their software license plans, many are the steps to follow start from the creation of new license key to moving these licensing & configuration files around or, in the worse cases, also re-install them.

With NetLicensing, all these painful processes in the licensing flow can be easily removed. Being the vendor, you can quickly update all your customer’s entitlements in the NetLicensing Management Console or through a fast integrable RESTful API.

Although it might seem too convenient to believe, it’s all real!

There are no additional steps that need to be taken by you. The next time a consumer starts using vendors’ software, they will be all set with our ready-to-use licensing models.

From our experience in the market, we can all agree that customers change their mind quite often. Sometimes they want to go for the short-term trial licenses, some other for a longer time frame or also change while they are already in an existing plan. This concept not only can be applied to license time features but also to complete licensing models. Is your customer looking forward to making a transition from a Pay-per-Use to a Floating or Node-Locked license? No problem! With NetLicensing, you will have the possibility to update the new rights of your end customer automatically from our UI.

How does the overall process work is quite easy: all the authoritative rights are kept in NetLicensing’s cloud and, as some changes are made, they will immediately be reflected on the licensee’s (end-customer) side as well. However, the local rights will be only available in a secure local cache which can be only read by NetLicensing’s RESTful API. To ensure high-security and availability standards, the cache also has a License Check Interval, which will determine the maximum amount of time for the right to be valid without having to update them again from the cloud.