The Worst Nightmares for Account Managers

For many years, whenever a customer decided to change or update its software license, the pain started to come as there were many steps involved in the overall process. It would all start with the discussion of the changes that needed to be made, again issuing original license keys, shifting the files to other software or, in the worse cases, also starting a complete product re-installation - a true horror story for all account managers, support staff and customers’ responsible.

However, all this is now over thanks to Labs64 NetLicensing. We have been analyzing for a long time all the pain points and then created a sophisticated software that will give the ability to quickly update customer’s entitlements on NetLicensing’s UI or also via an intuitive RESTful API. Yes, I know; you might be thinking that now there are for sure a series of steps to follow in order to do it, right? When you decided to shift to NetLicensing you can forget about all the tedious processes and just enjoy managing your customer entitlements in the easiest way possible.

Save time with dynamic software licensing!

Did your customer just sign up for a short-term license but after a week he decided that maybe is worth spending more time on the software and wants to have a longer-term solution? Did he notice that maybe the pay-per-use licensing model is not the one meant for him and wants to shift to a subscription model? No problem. With NetLicensing all this is possible hassle-free. The software will reveal all these changes and they will be automatically applied to your end customer’s profile without any need of executing manual processes.
NetLicensing will ensure that all the stressful processes of rolling out the new features for you and your customer are going to be removed. This will lead to a boost in productivity and will also generate more customer satisfaction. After using NetLicensing you will have just the memory of the complex process of working with the old legacy licensing system.

A Quick Tutorial

The process is linear and easy to understand. All the authoritative rights of every single customer (think of Licensing CRM) are secured in NetLicensing’s Cloud and, as edits will be made, they are automatically updated to the end-user devices or products. This process will also make sure that all the licensing assets are kept in a safe location which can be only read and analyzed through NetLicensing’s API.

Forget about manual updating Software Entitlements with NetLicensing!

What are you waiting for?! Switch today to an innovative, easily integrable, and flexible software licensing model! Try a 30-day free trial today.

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