NetLicensing: a journey through the highlights of 2023

As we approach the end of another year, it’s almost unbelievable how quickly time has flown. Reflecting on the bustling year that was 2023, we’re overflowing with gratitude for every team member who contributed to NetLicensing’s success.

This gratitude isn’t just for our team; it extends to you, our cherished customers. Since our journey began more than a decade ago, we’ve always seen you as our essential partners. Your thoughts and needs have been like a guiding light, helping us shape license management solutions that truly matter to countless organizations worldwide.

In this article, we want to take you on a journey through some of the standout achievements of the past year for Labs64 NetLicensing.

Join us as we highlight what we consider to be the most significant milestones of 2023.

A Decade of Collaboration

Since our inception more than ten years ago, we have regarded our customers as more than just users; you are our greatest collaborators. Your insights into what matters to you have been the guiding force behind the development of NetLicensing solutions that have made a tangible impact on tousands of organizations worldwide.

In this comprehensive review, we aim to share with you the key milestones and accomplishments that have defined the year 2023 for Labs64 NetLicensing.

Core Services: Enhancing Every Facet

True to our commitment, the NetLicensing team dedicated itself to the expansion and refinement of our license management solution in 2023. From enhancing user experience to fortifying stability and performance, let’s explore the notable additions to NetLicensing’s core services.

OpenID and OAuth Support

In response to the growing need for heightened security, we introduced additional enterprise-ready user OpenID / OAuth authentication options specifically designed for on-premises installations, which includes Microsoft Azure OpenID support.

Maintenance and Performance Improvements

Your data security remains our top priority. A vital maintenance update was released, addressing vulnerabilities in the libraries we utilize. This ensures the safety and integrity of your data. Furthermore, key library upgrades were implemented to leverage new features, enhance performance, and apply crucial security patches. Minor yet impactful defects were addressed to enhance the overall stability and security of our licensing services.

NetLicensing Notifications

Empowering you with more control and visibility, NetLicensing notifications underwent a significant transformation. The new module allows vendors to send instant notifications to subscribers’ webhook endpoints, keeping you informed about specific events such as customer or license creation and changes in customer Warning Levels.

Updated Payment Services

In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we revisited and improved payment services, including Stripe Connect, within the NetLicensing Shop. These enhancements were aimed at making the license acquisition process more stable and reliable.

Client Libraries: Ensuring Seamless Compatibility

Our commitment to compatibility and reliability was evident in the updates to NetLicensing client libraries. Offline license file support, notification support, and various other service improvements were verified and enabled to ensure seamless compatibility with core services.

User Experience: Streamlining Interactions

To enhance user interactions with the NetLicensing Management Console, several improvements were introduced over the past year, including the addition of a dashboard reports and enhanced views of licensing models. Notably, the usability of the Rental model was optimized for a more intuitive experience.

Further improvements include the inclusion of a product download link on the NetLicensing Shop confirmation page and the ability to export dashboard chart data in CSV format.

New Pricing Table Editor in License View: Tailoring Plans with Ease

Managing pricing plans became more convenient with the introduction of a new pricing table editor in Licensee View. This update allows effortless selection or customization of customer-specific plans, catering to the unique requirements of each customer.

New NetLicensing Community Home

Recognizing the importance of community engagement, we moved NetLicensing community support to GitHub discussions and established a new Reddit space for community questions. This shift aims to create a vibrant space for discussions and collaboration among NetLicensing users.

We want to thank YOU!

As we reflect on the collective effort and dedication that defined 2023 for NetLicensing, we extend our deepest gratitude to our incredible and talented team. Equally, we want to express our sincere appreciation to you, our customers. The close working relationship we’ve built is invaluable, and without your feedback, insightful ideas, and unwavering support, we couldn’t pursue what matters most to us – helping your businesses succeed.

Our NetLicensing team extends warm thanks to you and yours, wishing you a joyous, safe holiday season, and a Happy New Year 2024! May the coming year bring continued success and prosperity to all.


The NetLicensing Team