Licensing in the Cloud

A topic that we have covered on repeated occasions has been the perpetual increase in the number of devices which can access the internet. We have looked at this from a number of perspectives but one that has so far eluded us is the subject of licensing and license activation.

We are constantly being told by major companies and developers that ‘The future is in the Cloud’. In the world of personal computing, fewer and fewer people are backing up their data to physicals discs and many more are switching to cloud based solutions. For businesses; cloud based servers are now both a viable and a relatively inexpensive solution. Without the need for the physical installation and maintenance costs of an on-site server stack, companies can cut energy bills, make their data more accessible to employees and enable people to ‘work from anywhere’.

Cloud Computing has yet to be fully utilized for licensing and activation, although major software can be activated by using an internet connection, the costs of implementing this functionality can be both time consuming and expensive. The story of cloud computing for business, as well as for personal use, is both its affordability and its flexibility. Where more traditional methods of licensing require length administration, set-up of payment plans and more, licensing in the cloud provides a single, international solution for even the smallest software developer.

NetLicensing is a leading Licensing-as-a-Service (LaaS) product and is designed to help ease the stress and strain of managing the licenses by moving it into the cloud and making it scalable, streamlined and easy to manage all of your licenses without incurring high administration costs.

This then, is going to be the legacy of Licensing in the Cloud. As with other aspects of Cloud Computing (SaaS, Back-ups etc.) it is a long term, low cost solution which is easily adjusted to accommodate the needs of your business – Large or Small.

Cloud Computing is here to stay, and cloud based licensing is just the next stage in an already exciting technological revolution.

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