Just in time for Halloween, we are releasing the new version of NetLicensing 2.3.8 - Halloween Edition and we are bringing a bag full of goodies.

Major changes in this release:

  • NetLicensing Agent is delivered now with extended security, which makes offline licensing resistant against data manipulation by using a digital signature. NetLicensing Agent 2.3.8-ALPHA2 can be shared with our beta testers on request.

  • We revisited all NetLicensing Client Libraries to be inline with the latest available RESTful API.

  • Pay-per-Use Licensing Model got small improvements for better support of post-account scenario.

  • MyCommerce automatic renewal feature is fully supported by NetLicensing now.

  • Also, we’ve implemented many improvements and bug fixes across all NetLicensing components: Core, Management Console, Shop, Gateway, Client Libraries, and Documentation.

For a detailed list of changes in this release, see NetLicensing 2.3.8 Release Notes.

As always, your feedback is important to us - please visit NetLicensing Website - Leave Feedback.

Thank you for your contributions & Happy Licensing!