Labs64 NetLicensing 2.3.9 is Out!

Today we launched a whole new reason for software vendors to love NetLicensing: We are excited to announce the release of NetLicensing 2.3.9. We have added a load of new features and improvements to help ISV to enable enterprise-grade license management.

Notable changes in this release:

Offline licensing using NetLicensing Agent

NetLicensing Agent enables a secure, traceable, and flexible way of enabling offline licensing in the environments without access to the NetLicensing services.

NetLicensing Agent

New Licensing Model “Quota”

This new licensing model defines the capacity limits (e.g. units, requests, volume, etc.) for a certain product feature.


Enabled pre-accounting for the “Pay-per-Use” Licensing Model

Existing licensing model “Pay-per-Use” was extended by pre-accounting capabilities and now allows reservation of the usage limits by customer.

PayPal Recurring Payments

With the PayPal “recurring payments” option, you can achieve seamless subscription management and license renewal.

PayPal recurring payments

NetLicensing Guided Tour

The tour will guide you through the steps necessary to get a minimum working setup with NetLicensing.

NetLicensing Guided Tour

Collect Licensee billing information during Shop process

Know Your Customer by collecting customers’ contact information, so you can share this info within your internal CRM, ERP, and invoicing systems.

Licensee billing information

NetLicensing Demo Web Application

Open source & free NetLicensing Demo Application provides you with the easiest way to become familiar with the main NetLicensing functionalities and can even be a good foundation for your NetLicensing integration.

NetLicensing Demo Web Application

As well as a set of useful improvements and defect fixes such as:

  • Allow vendor login by email address and vendor number
  • Make default TTL for NetLicensing validation response configurable by the vendor
  • NetLicensing Management Console: improved Dashboard performance
  • Updated NetLicensing client libraries to be compatible with the latest NetLicensing API

For a detailed list of changes in this release, see NetLicensing 2.3.9 Release Notes. As always, your feedback is important to us - please visit NetLicensing Website - Leave Feedback.

Thank you for your contributions & Happy Licensing!

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