Solution to Manage Software Licensing During a Pandemic

As the economic damage created by COVID-19 pandemic keeps raising day-by-day, many of the companies that want to keep their businesses running were forced to adjust their operation in terms of working hours, employees’ layoffs, and strategies to ensure revenue also in a difficult time. Things are tough for companies as there is a strong need to recover from the current downturn and, in such time of uncertainties, maximum flexibility to test different strategies is inevitable.

Labs64, the first company which provides NetLicensing - online License-as-a-Service (LaaS) solution, was created to simplify, manage, and improve the license management, usage flexibly and affordably. Our team is constantly striving for perfection ensuring that companies, especially the ones going through the toughest times because of COVID-19 Pandemic, will be able to keep their operation run smoothly avoiding all type of complications. With almost a decade in the Software Licensing industry, NetLicensing can support companies from different sectors to license, manage and keep track of their customers in the easiest way possible.

Our biggest asset is our customers - Independent Software Vendors. Based on their suggestions we constantly improve our core services, UI, implement new licensing models, and, at times, also provide support and tailored solutions that would just fit their business needs. In light of the current situation, many are the companies that had to shift to a remote work mode and being far from each other certainly makes everything more complex. With NetLicensing there is a continuous clear flow of communication between our team and the customers to adjust or build new tools to better manage your licenses.

In a nutshell, the world has changed, and this is something that might be challenging for some companies. There is only one way to overcome the fear of changes: Innovation. Companies need to innovate through testing different licensing strategies and, having a flexible tool like NetLicensing that gives the possibility to do so is of core importance.