Increase Sales by Providing Free Trials

The market is currently going through a significant downturn caused by the pandemic. As we have already experienced in the past, the market will surely recover, but new changes will be involved. Working from home will not be an option anymore - thus we will have to deal with a new working model.

Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things for companies, also the sales approach. Now, because of travelling and meeting restrictions, companies are forced to make purchasing decisions through online interaction, and this significantly decreases sales. Therefore, to reduce the sales friction, it is essential to provide your potential customers with a trail solution that will allow them to try and evaluate your product before purchasing it.

Although trials are of key importance for the acquisition of potential customers, at times, they lack attention that in return, make companies lose many potential leads. The trial should not be an automated process to deliver in bulks to every customer, but it should have its purpose and explanation on why a company needs your product.

To successfully manage trials there are few factors to take in consideration:

  • Make it easy for potential customers to register and start the trial without having too many procedures to complete
  • Enable Getting Started guide to onboard your users faster
  • Constantly monitor trial activity to see if the user is facing issues in a specific phase
  • Provide users with the flexibility to extend the trail if they still haven’t found what they were looking for in your product
  • Assure that the user, at the end of the trail, will be able to gain an understanding of your product benefits
  • Constantly manage trial evaluation to understand customers’ needs and improve their experience

If properly used, trials are a great way to increase your revenue by boosting sales. Companies should first focus on the customer experience to ensure that they, through the trial period, will be able to have a clear understanding of why your product is essential for them.

Image Credits: NetLicensing