Improve Efficiency by Automating Licensing Processes

Nowadays, many independent Software Vendors need to invest a considerable amount of time for managing and keeping track of their customers and their entitlements. Businesses that for the past years have been executing these operations through manual processes can now forget about it and discover a brand-new way to automate the processes with a simple, flexible, and easily integrable platform: Labs64 NetLicensing.

During the creation of NetLicensing, one of the main prioritized factors taken into consideration was integrability. As a result, our platform, thanks to our RESTful API, is easily integrable with different software products and hardware (IoT) devices. The RESTful API makes it seamlessly easy for the Software Developers to integrate it with their product and, once integrated and already in use, they will still have the opportunity to make changes in the licensing configuration and strategy on NetLicensing UI with minimum coding effort. Each adjustment will be reflected automatically in the vendors’ products within just a few minutes.

Moreover, the flexibility provided by NetLicensing does not stop here. Besides having a wide variety of ready-to-integrate licensing models, we also provide alternatives to better managing customers in a fully automated process. With our Online License Management Portal, Product Usage Tracking and Analytics (available on the UI), you will have the possibility to manage your product licenses and also see how they are performing over time.

As businesses grow and more clients are acquired, keeping track of each customer and manually executing all the operations might become a challenging task. Finding a solution that will automate most of your processes in an easy to integrate, cost-effective, and the flexible way will certainly, boost efficiency by saving time on activities that will be fully automated.

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