Work Remotely with Flexible Licensing Models

Since Covid-19 pandemic has started, many employees that had to shift to remote working style. However, some studies were able to prove that productivity was decreased by 50% compared to working in the office. The main reason why this issue occurred is that many employees did not have the tools to work with. Thus, SaaS solutions have a strong advantage compare to their on-premise competitors.

On-premise applications, in order to remain competitive in the market, have several ways to transform their current approach to a more hybrid one. The initiative that would be more beneficial is the deployment of some compute power from the desktop to the could. This would allow the desktop application to become more efficient also on less powerful laptops. However, the challenge with this approach is that it takes a considerable amount of time for implementation and development and many are the on-premise companies that are facing issues since they aren’t able to support their customers.

In order to deal with this situation, there are some solutions that companies can adapt to their business and one of them is License Management. With Online License Management, you have the potential to enable multiple licensing models for customer’s needs, allow customers to add additional devices per the same license, have the ability to instantly transfer licenses between users, and many more things.

To conclude, regardless of the type of solution you are delivering to your customer, you can always add license management to make your operation run more smoothly by giving you employees the flexibility to work remotely with all the needed tools. Thus, not compromising of efficiency and quality.

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