The Impact of a Pricing Table Simplicity

Pricing Tables can be considered as one of the most valuable parts of a website as they are an essential tool for communicating the value and benefits that your company offers to the market. Having a clear pricing table, where customers can instantly understand all the features and the value in your SaaS product will deliver, increases the likelihood to attract paying customers for one of your plans. However, if customers see inconsistencies in your pricing tables and are not able to have a clear understanding of your offering, they will probably consider spending their money somewhere else.

NetLicensing Pricing Table

At first glance, your pricing table seems to be flawless. However, many are the factors that you still did not consider and, this might be one of the reasons why your service is not getting enough traction. One of the reasons why this happens is because of confusing offerings. Customers can get easily distracted when they are not able to understand something within a few seconds and, that might be the factor that will compromise their decision regarding the plan.

Many are the strategies that you can implement in your pricing strategy but, as every customer segment is different, they will differ. Therefore, the first point is to understand your customer’s needs and then start testing by using tools that give the possibility to edit your pricing table with maximum flexibility. Moreover, if you are offering has more than two different pricing plans, it is always good to emphasize one particular option over the others. A study has proven that by using this strategy, you will have the ability to quickly attract your customers’ attention towards the offering more convenient for your business.

In a nutshell, pricing tables are not a topic that needs to take for granted as they play a fundamental role in shifting a prospect into a client. Create, test, and edit pricing table at all times to understand which one works best from your specific purpose.

Image Credits: NetLicensing