Convert Leads and Grow Your Revenue with Trails

Using License Management Software that gives you the possibility to easily convert trial leads and adopt products will give you a huge advantage with the competition, as your customer base, simultaneously with your revenue, will grow more quickly.

NetLicensing makes it extremely easy to deploy Trails for your customers!

With our innovative software, we ensured that, for the Trial version, the product distribution can stay the same, as it is for the paid version with the possibility to apply it to every feature of your product and, also with up-sell opportunities through upgrades. Your customers’ duty will just be to re-launch their software without any need of re-installation!

Whether you want to offer monthly subscriptions, feature-restricted (ensuring that users will neither save nor use more features than those offered in the trial), or go for a time-based trial (14 days, 30 days etc.), with NetLicensing all this is possible in an easy and scalable way.

When providing free trials, you will obtain one of the most precious factors for the implementation of marketing campaigns: Data! By acquiring all information on the users and synchronize licensing data with your CRM system, you will improve your marketing efforts and establish solid communication with the goals of converting as many leads as possible.

Moreover, after the free trial has expired and customers have finally decided to implement your service in their business model, there will be no need for them to re-install to get the paid version but they can simply keep using the previously installed software as NetLicensing’s friction-free entitlements management will steer the overall process.

When developing NetLicensing online services, we took care of all the aspects to make a product that will help you and your customers get up and running very quickly. Hence, by focusing on a ready-to-use and easy-to-use concept, you will be able to meet the expectations of your customers and reduce the friction in the trial and purchasing experience.

Start taking advantage of NetLicensing to convert leads with the use of trails and leave your competition behind!

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